Assignment 8 – This Is The End – #edtechcca8

Final assignment. A little late. Goodbye and thank you Edtechcc. I think that you will need a Prezi account to view.

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Assignment 7 – Storytime – #edtechcca7

This assignment is about writing a story.

Generate two random characters, a location and an objective using the tool below and then try writing a plausible story based on the random elements. The story may be for a book, film or videogame.

Remember that most stories start with a character who wants to achieve a goal and ends with the character achieving it. It’s the middle part of the story that is the hardest – when the character comes up against an obstacle that they must overcome to achieve their goal…

Frustratingly after a few weeks break I have managed to forgotten how to upload an image on to wordpress. Instead I have managed a link for my game idea generator. I have actually come across applications that turn the written idea into a game. It was aimed at primary school age IT techs of the future.

I shall look at other edtechcc blogs for creative inspiration and post my story hopefully by Thursday. Assignment 8 is already due so that will be Fridays goal before I move towards the intended purpose of my blog.

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Assignments 4 & 5 – Double Exposure – #edtechcca4, #edtechcca5

Make a video clip of yourself hitting your tennis ball as if you are playing in a tennis match. You may make more than one clip, however you must hit the ball with a different random object each time ….

This was the remit for assignment 4. As well as playing ad hoc tennis I am also playing catch up! Here’s my clip posted on to You Tube – My very First Movie.

Happy viewing!


This assignment was delayed due to me being unable to download clips filmed by a very helpful friend, while I was in Edinburgh.,who is a confirmed Apple fan (Thank you H).

My solution was to refilm the clips using a Canon camera with an SD Card which I inserted directly into my notebook. I finally manged to add and edit the clips into a “single” movie by uploading them all into Windows Media Player. The clips were each in different formats Quicktime MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV which highlights how complex the technology behind one simple concept (moving imagery) currently seems to be.

I have a HP Pavillion Entertainment Notebook however, I was flummoxed trying to work out MediaSmart – definitely not so smart.

Fun assignment to complete .

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Assignment 4 Double Exposure – #edtechcca4 A photograph where LIGHT is a main element in the image

A photograph where LIGHT is a main element in the image

10th Feb - London City Lights

Quite an easy upload following method used for the first image. Editing done simply by stretching the photo.


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Assignment 4 #edtechcca4 8th Feb

Spoon and tupperware
Plastic image- 8th February assignment

Late posting of image for assignment. Quite an easy task. Image made using Smart phone camera. HTC Sense.

Images loaded onto HP Laptop using USB lead. Images then copied to USB key. Images then uploaded onto blog.

Would have been easier if Bluetooth option had been available to send directly to blog. Also spent sometime working out how to type underneath the photo! All in all process took about an hour.

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Assignment 3 – Comic Timing – #edtechcca3

Well the most challenging part of this assignment has been trying to work out how to display/embed the results into my blog.

Also having problems with my browser – – made with

As I have left it quite late I shall leave my final comix to do provide the message.




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Assignment 2 – The Sight of Sound – #edtechcca2 – This is an assignment that I have really enjoyed.

The 15sec soundscape is an amalgamation of keywords from my favourite poem – “Warning” by Jenny Joseph –

Sounds came from

I used Audacity – to edit the soundscape.

As can be seen and heard above it is hosted on audioboo (which provides a welcoming message from Stephen Fry to get you started)

 Finally – I tested the effectiveness and the evocative nature of the sound using old-established technology by playing it over the phone!

Looking forward to Assignment 3 and hoping for extra brownie points because hope is good!


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Assignment 1 – Signs & Symbols – #edtechcca1 (part 2)

Sign/Symbol Two
Well I have managed to create a second symbol. The progress I have made is quite pleasing. I have moved in less than three hours from “complete beginner” to “beginner” . I will play around more with the Aviary tool and eventually learn how to add colour. It seems to be a useful tool and skill to develop for future creative initiatives! Really looking forward to more brownie points and hoping that the next assignment gives me the opportunity to exhibit some existing technical ability!
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Assignment 1 – Signs & Symbols – #edtechcca1

 Sign 1

“Make two signs or symbols using a graphics tool of your choice. The first sign should be for your own department or course, the second sign should be for another educational department or course. Use only pictures, no words. Use only simple abstracted shapes, no photographs.”

Suggested tools
Raven online vector editor –
Inkscape –

Well I have actually quite enjoyed this first assignment – it is not yet complete as I have still to create a second sign or symbol. My creativity has been greatly curbed by lack of knowledge and time. The above symbol has been created using Aviary – Raven. My technique to learn about this software was to 1) Check YouTube for instrional videos 2) Skype a friend 3)Watch the Aviary video.

I shall now spend the next hour trying to master inkscape! Once the second sign or symbol is posted I can give my opinion as an absolute beginner.

Hopefully within the next two weeks I shall be confident enough to start adding the posts of the Librarians who have already kindly offered to contribute to this blog! A bientot!

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Preliminary task #edtechccp1

Hello all, it is quite late so I am keeping this introduction quite short. Also I shall edit this entry over the weekend when I shall also have a bit more time to familiarise myself with the assignment requirements and wordpress.

My name is Adjoa and I am a Librarian working in the Academic sector and I love to travel. My about section gives quite a clear indication of why I have named my blog as I have. Although I am on Twitter and use various other social media, apps and gadgets I have still to master blogging. Overall I hope that edtechcc will provide much wanted motivation to develop, upkeep and produce a good blog.

I am looking forward to reading the other associated blogs,



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